What is a Miracle?

  • A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or
    scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine
  • A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment
    that brings very welcome consequences.
Believe in Miracles

To me, it is nothing more than a shift in perception. It is when things take a shift you
could not have predicted but may have been hoping and praying for! Miracles happen
every minute of every day. So why not invite the possibility of a miracle into your life
starting now?

Have you ever experienced something which in all intents and purpose seemed

The miracle is when the impossible happens.

Miracles take place every day. Sometimes they’re very subtle and quiet, sweeping in like a touch on the face. Other times, it’s very evident and public. It doesn’t matter who you are, miracles can
happen to anyone. Here are some examples of what can be understood as miracles:
It’s when doctors have given up on a sick child and for no scientific reason, that child
gets well.

It’s when you’re down to your last dollar, have piles of bills to be paid, and a check
arrives in the mail from some unknown source.

It’s when a hurricane comes through a town and your house is left standing with
desolation all around it.

It’s when a child is born, and you can’t believe how exquisitely miniature this new life

It’s when you’ve prayed for a specific purpose and that prayer is answered.

It’s when there is no earthly reason something wonderful has happened.

These are just a few examples but for me I think of miracles as even more matter of

“There are two ways to live; as if everything is a miracle or nothing is.”

-Albert Einstein

When you wake up each morning and take the first breath of the day, what a miracle.
What a gift. Some did make it to this day, do not have another day to truly live. I think of
each day as this gift and a miracle gifted to me. I have the privilege to rise with a loving
heart and sound mind and go out into the world and make a difference. Being a healer
and teacher is such a miracle for me to live. I remember a time when I was so lost and
alone. I lived in pain and confusion. Anger was my constant companion. Life felt
pointless and every day the same old thing as yesterday. Extraordinary thinking was far
beyond the place I existed. Struggle was another companion, struggle to pay my bills, to
deal with the anxiety and pain in my body and mind. I knew no other way.

Then the tides shifted! I am not sure why, maybe a prayer or plea from me, maybe it
was my time to step up and out? A miracle happened I went to a yoga class. At the
time, I would not have understood this as a miracle, it came out of desperation. I was
desperate to end pain. I followed the advice of a stranger. From that day, in a small
gym, on a simple borrowed yoga mat, a shift in perception happened, a miracle. I had
hope because for just a simple moment I felt calm. It was the calm in the eye of the
storm of myself. My whole life miraculously changed from then until now.

Why do miracles take place? I honestly don’t have the exact answer to this, but here is
what my experience has taught me. They happen because we welcome them. They are
there built into the blueprint of the universe just like the sunrise and sunset. They are
more ordinary than we have been taught. If you truly begin to understand how to live in
the miracle. You will then experience them regularly. Of course, there are times God
shows off a bit to uplift, inspire and deepen our faith. When the impossible is the reality,
the cure is found, the life is saved, the child is born. These are magnificent moments to
be in awe of. But here is my point, live in awe daily. Walk around with your jaw dropping
at the fact how miraculous your life is. How many things can you find to be grateful for
right now? You have the eyes to read this, the heart opens enough to contemplate;
“What is a miracle.”

May you live your miracle today,