The Spirit of 2020

The bigger the dream, the bigger the team.”

-Archangel Raphael

Hello TEAM Angels!

When I began working with the Angels years ago it felt as if I was recruited by them. I was working away in my healing practice and one day I realized that the information I was receiving about my clients was coming FROM SOMEONE. This someone was greater than my intuitive voice. I wanted to know who was helping me and I was told MICHAEL. When I connected to the Angels, I never felt alone again in the healing work. I had a TEAM of guides and guardians who came with clients and showed up to help me with understanding how to best serve. This is also the time period when my work shifted radically!

Coming into 2020, I asked again for some guidance from my team. I received the message,

“The bigger the dream, the bigger the team.”

2020 for me is about partnership and co-creation. I am opening my heart, mind and wordly resources to building a community and healing center with others in this industry. I plan on expanding my services, opening a crystal shop and moving my practice! Whew, that feels like a lot on my own, however the GREAT news is I don’t have to. I have a team in this world and the world of spirit.

Coming together in co-creation just makes sense in this modern time. We are so interconnected already so why not allow it to work in our favor? To practice the LAW of Abundance by dismissing competition and insecurity once and for all. The Angels have taught me beautifully how to create in the vibration of love, abundance and peace and I am forever grateful.

I encourage you to expand your team this year, let others in and support one other. Expand your home team by working more peacefully in your families. Expand your work team by letting others shine in their expertise and you in yours. Expand your Spirit team by taking time to connect with your Angels and invite in their assistance.

The book “Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter” is a great resource to learn how to build a spiritual team.

If you need a healer on your team, I am here for you! You bring your team and I will bring mine. Let’s shift together. Let’s grow together. Let’s experience ABUNDANCE together.

Happy 2020,

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