The Power of Reiki

Do you know?

You are an incredible technicolor being; full of light, love and energy

You are a powerful being beyond measure of regular standard.

You have infinite potential inside your heart waiting to be leased.

You move mountains when you apply your faith.

You are capable of anything you set your mind to achieve

You are important.

Dr. Usui, founder of Reiki, instructed that for someone to truly heal they must change their consciousness of themselves. The word Reiki is broke down into two parts.

Rei: Divine life force energy

Ki: spiritual consciousness

Wow, right? Becoming a channel for Reiki is realizing and knowing the above statements. It is allowing the connection to the Divine spiritual consciousness of the universe to flow abundantly through you.

Whatever comes through the channel changes the channel. When you practice Reiki this divine knowing wakes up your cells to your divinity.

You begin to KNOW what it feels like to vibrate love, power, faith, potentiality, capabilities which have become dormant.

Reiki en-LIGHT-ens the channel.

Spirituality is the realization of who you are. Not what job you do, not what clothes you wear, not what foods you eat, not how much money you have. It is the true you.

Are you ready to tap into this power? Welcome the healing power of Reiki In your life.

You are amazing,


When You Are Ready...