The Magic of Spring

Yeah Spring has arrived and April is a great month to re-set, re-align and re-charge your intentions! I asked the Angels for some advice to offer out and Archangel Michael is taking the lead to remind us all. We can have a fresh start and new beginning in each moment.. Wanna try? 

Right where you are, close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and Breath in deeply and let go deeply. Even just 1 breath will do, but what if you could just be in connection of the heart for 5 magical breaths? 

Now, offer this prayer and request to Archangel Michael: 

Thank you for bringing new opportunities and offering support, and for helping me release and heal my past. Fill me with trust as I experience these life changes. Thank you, Thank you. 

Archangel Michael reminds you that as one chapter of your life closes, another one is beginning to bloom. Right now you may only notice the first inklings of new growth in your life, so Archangel Michael sends this message to encourage you to keep going. There’s great goodness in store for you! Stay filled with faith and keep a positive outlook. 

Archangel Michael Card

Possible specific meanings: 

  • A healing is imminent. 
  • You’ll experience better conditions at work or a new job. 
  • Past mistakes are forgiven and forgotten.
  • An improvement in a relationship is apparent. 
  • A relationship is blooming.
  • A move to a new home may be forthcoming.
  • An improved mindset boosts your happiness and confidence. 
  • Let the past go! 
  • Clear, clean and declutter your home or office.

Have a magical month,