Just BE

Joyfully Barefoot on the Beach

As a teacher I have the great privilege of assisting others to grow. I spend weekends or weeks with students and watch them work through their personal issues and transform them into super powers. So many work so hard to make things happen, maybe this is you too, I don’t know, but I do know I can identify with working hard. I have always been a hard worker on the spiritual path to learn and make big changes. I have to say, it has been really hard work at times.

Recently I had a great AHA moment in one of my classes. If we are always working on ourselves then we must believe something is inherently “wrong” and needs fixing, then when can we just be? You know what I mean, just be happy, just be healthy, just be joyful, just be .... Sometimes we just need to let ourselves be.

This doesn’t mean we should stop meditating, practicing yoga, being a good human, it means stop working so hard at it! What if we just knew we are already amazing and powerful and just focus on showing up and improving those traits. In the book, "The Four Agreements", one of the agreements is just Do your best. Don Miquel, goes on to say our best is different at different times. So, take what you have and do your best, just BE your best self whether it be Monday or Saturday.

I for one am ready to just BE who I am and stop working at it. Yes, I will improve, the practices themselves do that. If you meditate, practice yoga, reiki, Thetahealing, whatever your practice of choice is, you will improve, it is the result of the practices. So why not, just show up and BE present and let the rest take care of itself?

You are allowed to be happy, wealthy, healthy and whole!

Much love,


The Rose

an original poem by
Felicia McQuiad

The rose
Always room to grow.
Always room to improve.
Keep space to grow and improve on the edge of the world you know.
Expand the edges of your existence in each moment to meet the divine spark contained in the atom.
No walls of separation need to be in place, they only suffocate the soul’s experience of life.

Have air to breathe,
Room to reach,
Space to grow.
The rose blossoms at the end stages of growth.
Revealing its beauty after stretching down through the earth and opening upwards to the light of nourishment.
Can you see the rose before it blooms?
All the parts are there if you look closely and deeply.
The rose is in the seed, roots, branches, bark and leaves.
Yet we only call it the rose when we see the bud.
Can you see the spark of divine light in the seed as it blossoms within.
The seed of divinity is ever-present in each atom and cell.
It is often overlooked and unattended.
The soul needs space to grow, room to improve and blossom into its fullest potentiality.
Grow this seed with love, acceptance and loving choices along the way.
Choose love, peace, light and blossom with a brilliance which words can do no justice. 

Glory to the rose. 

Glory to the soul. 

Glory to the light. 

Glory to the truth.