Journey to Fate

Is life a pre-determined plan of destiny or fate or do we have some say so in how life turns out? 

I often ponder this question when life carries me in an unexpected direction. A “chance” meeting or encounter with someone who becomes a significant influence in life. A “coincidence” of ending up in a certain place at a certain time. Moments when all the universal forces unite and life is never the same again.

Is this merely destiny / fate or do we have a voice?

I believe our free will is the deciding factor! Freedom of choice shapes our fate. In fact, each decision made creates turning points in life. Life as it is right now is created by the results of choices we have made in the past. The choices are made accordingly to the way we think, what we believe and how we respond to each moment.

So, what if we change the way we are thinking and our belief systems? Would our destiny and fate also change? How could it not?

“What you think you become.
What you feel you attract.
What you imagine you create.”


The starting point to shaping our own fate is to abandon the attitudes of fear, blame and indecision. To stop blaming others, our environment, families and life in general for our present unhappiness or dissatisfaction. Our attitudes about life are what we make them to be.

You determine the course of your life. Yes, there are things you are called to do and people you will meet. This is fate from the divine side. What you do have a say so is what decisions you make about doing them and relationships you create when you meet these individuals.

It is important to change the state of mind in which life is being experienced through. The courageous individuals, you and me, with enquiring minds, who are willing to analyze habits, strengths and weakness of the soul and who are striving to change themselves are game changers! The ones willing to discard their current self, in exchange for a better and better version of who they are meant to be. These are the people whose fate will change. How could it not?

Meeting my teacher Sid definitely counts as a destiny/fate moment for me. I was presented the opportunity to meet and work with him 2 years ago and chose not to attend his training at that time. I didn’t think of it again, just went on with my life until... Fate stepped in and he returned to Florida this past May. I again, had no “plan” to meet him. I saw the facebook events, read the emails and was intrigued yes but was not taking action. Fate came knocking in the form of a friend offering me an opportunity to attend the training and I was moved by the what she said.

I feel like you are MEANT TO ATTEND.”

When I heard this, I acted I threw caution to the wind and took Sid’s teacher training. It was made a huge difference in my life. Working with Sid I was able to BREAKDOWN some barriers inside of me. Ones I didn’t even know I had any longer. I fell back in love with Yoga and have changed the style of Yoga I teach to Nahi Flow. This is a big statement for me, I started my path of awakening with Yoga and I was destined to return to the core of my awakening.

Fate and I aligned. I am thankful to the moments I choose wisely and stop delaying my destiny.

With love,


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