Growth Opportunity

Growth Opportunity


Hello Dear ones! Do you ever feel like each day there is a pressure from within to GO GO GO? Get the most out of those 24 hours, be the best Mom, Employee, Boss, Father, Friend, Sister, Brother, Son or Daughter. I know I can relate to this. Today, I would like to offer another interpretation/meaning of this word G.O.

Growth Opportunity

Changing the understanding of the word, changes the use of the word. Language and interpretation are essential to the mind. It is the way it takes a simple word and forms a life around it. So, the simple 2 letter Word of G.O. carries POWER. We determine the power.

G.O. simply means to proceed from one place to another (Webster’s dictionary).

The power is the WAY you proceed.

I am a very driven and motivated person by nature, I had the phrase “Get ‘er done.” inside of me from the time I can remember. It served me well in the past. It was the only WAY I knew. Yet, this Get ‘er done at all costs has carried the pitfalls of what I call the 3 P’s:

The Pitfalls of - Perfectionism, Pressure and Procrastination

This was the way I proceeded in the past. I now choose to GO or GROW forward in a new way.

I choose to GO/GROW forward seeing each experience as a Growth Opportunity and growth does not require the 3 P’s.

Growth is not a matter of Perfect, it just is. “ADIOS Perfectionism!”

Growth is delayed by Pressure. “ADIOS Pressure!”

Growth does not happen overnight. “ADIOS Procrastination!”

This is a new world, each day is a new day.

As my hairdresser says, “You are good to GROW.”

Infinite Peace, Love and Growth to you,