Embracing Healing Package

It is time to embrace the call of spirit. The call of spirit that guides us to reach our highest potential and live the life of our DIVINE Purpose. These 2 courses are the foundation of a ThetaHealing life and lifestyle.

You will discover:

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Clarity about your path
  • Fast and Effective way to identify and remove negativity from your life
  • Daily meditation technique which connects you to the Divine instantly and easily
  • Optimal Health
  • New levels of success and motivation
  • Ways to help others in your family, community and planet
  • Psychic abilities and capabilities
  • And so much more.....

Commit to become a ThetaHealer

  • Basic DNA: 3 day course: Valued at $450
  • Advanced DNA: 3 day course: Valued at $500
  • 2 Mentoring Calls: Valued at $288

Take YOUR leap of FAITH

Package Price for all!
Value $1238

Call or email to find out more and get started! Monthly payment plans can be arranged towards this package. 

Felicia McQuiad - Yoga Teacher

felicia McQuaid

"ThetaHealing shifted things in powerful ways in my own life. The practice cleared me of beliefs relating to success and negative thoughts I held about myself. My life expanded in a multitude of ways. I feel happier, healthier and have more peace of mind each day."