Growth Opportunity

Growth Opportunity

Do you ever feel like each day there is a pressure from within to GO GO GO? Get the most out of those 24 hours.

The Spirit of 2020

“The bigger the dream, the bigger the team.” -Archangel Raphael Hello TEAM Angels! When I began working with the Angels years ago it felt as if I was recruited by them. I was working away in my healing practice and one day I realized that the information I was receiving about my clients was coming …

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4 Steps to Master Anything

Become the Master The master is the master because he has failed so many times. Seriously, the path to mastery is attempting things and refining actions. The master did not become the master by falling into self-doubt and down playing their actions. The master is so dedicated to himself he keeps showing up, putting in …

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13 Ways to Increase Good Vibes

Greetings everyone! Working in the field of energy gives me direct knowledge of the importance of “Good Vibes”. When our energy is consciously raised good thoughts are easier to have, health is obtained, motivation is readily available and you can become unstoppable. I am sharing with you a few Good Vibe practices for daily living …

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Journey to Fate

Is life a pre-determined plan of destiny or fate or do we have some say so in how life turns out?  I often ponder this question when life carries me in an unexpected direction. A “chance” meeting or encounter with someone who becomes a significant influence in life. A “coincidence” of ending up in a …

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Joyfully Barefoot on the Beach

Just BE

Take what you have and do your best, just BE your best self whether it be Monday or Saturday.

Yoga Pigeon Pose

Empowered Living

The art and understanding of how to live in alignment with ourselves and our world is addressed, perfected and gifted to the world through the yoga philosophy contained in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These teachings are thousands of years old, yet still so relevant to the human experience at all times of life.

Archangel Michael

The Magic of Spring

Yeah Spring has arrived and April is a great month to re-set, re-align and re-charge your intentions! I asked the Angels for some advice to offer out and Archangel Michael is taking the lead to remind us all. We can have a fresh start and new beginning in each moment.. Wanna try?    Right where you are, close …

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