Archangel Uriel Interview

We wrap up our Angel series with Archangel Uriel. He is the angel of creation and creativity. His energy is all about light language, learning and knowledge.

Archangel Michael Interview

Join Felicia in this 4 part series as she is interviewed on the Lemon Water Wellness podcast to discuss Archangels. In this episode, she talks about the role Archangel Michael can play in your life.

be an angel

Be the Angel

Photo by hotdogcoolcats at Morguefile.comBe the Angel by Felicia McQuaid To be the Angel is to be of service in the vibration of the immense  power of love.  Angels do not doubt  their purpose they know and trust  in their ordination.   Angels transcend fearand uplift all with their heavenly  vibrations.   When Angels enter a space – a room The energy is welcomed  deeply into the space of the heart.  All is possible.  Angels …

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