Archangel Uriel Interview

We wrap up our Angel series with Archangel Uriel. He is the angel of creation and creativity. His energy is all about light language, learning and knowledge.

Archangel Michael Interview

Join Felicia in this 4 part series as she is interviewed on the Lemon Water Wellness podcast to discuss Archangels. In this episode, she talks about the role Archangel Michael can play in your life.

Growth Opportunity

Growth Opportunity

Do you ever feel like each day there is a pressure from within to GO GO GO? Get the most out of those 24 hours.

The Spirit of 2020

“The bigger the dream, the bigger the team.” -Archangel Raphael Hello TEAM Angels! When I began working with the Angels years ago it felt as if I was recruited by them. I was working away in my healing practice and one day I realized that the information I was receiving about my clients was coming …

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4 Steps to Master Anything

Become the Master The master is the master because he has failed so many times. Seriously, the path to mastery is attempting things and refining actions. The master did not become the master by falling into self-doubt and down playing their actions. The master is so dedicated to himself he keeps showing up, putting in …

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The Power of Reiki

Do you know? You are an incredible technicolor being; full of light, love and energy You are a powerful being beyond measure of regular standard. You have infinite potential inside your heart waiting to be leased. You move mountains when you apply your faith. You are capable of anything you set your mind to achieve …

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