Be the Angel

be an angel

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Be the Angel 
by Felicia McQuaid 

To be the Angel is to be 
of service in the 
vibration of the immense  
power of love.  

Angels do not doubt  
their purpose 
they know and trust  
in their ordination.   

Angels transcend fear
and uplift all with their heavenly  

When Angels enter a 
space – a room 
The energy is welcomed  
deeply into the space 
of the heart.  

All is possible.  

Angels show up when 
you call.  

Where ever there is a  
need or request.   

Be the Angel share  
Your words.  
Words of encouragement, empowerment,   

Unite and heal. 

 Angels deliver the  
Message of the divine.  

The divine is in each 
One of us. 

You are an angel in disquise. 

Now it Is time to 
Be the Angel. 

Be the Angel.