Angel Readings

Felicia is a Certified Angel Life Coach with Charles and Doreen Virtue. She has a tremendous gift as an intuitive to receive direct and personal messages from them to assist those in need.

Everyone, including you have angels! Angels are always helping from behind the scenes, think of them as the invisible friend who is always with you and watching your back. The Angels have one purpose, LOVE! They guide your actions toward love, they guide your thoughts towards love, they guide your work towards what you love. They are invested in helping you. Their purpose is to love you and guide you.

Angels seek to serve you in aligning with increased fulfillment, joy, love, health, prosperity and with more of your authentic truth and soul purpose. Your Angels are standing by ready to help you live your life in a real and powerful way.

The word Angel means message. In an Angel message, Felicia tunes into the Angels for personal guidance on the topics you ask about. Do you need some guidance and direction for your life?
Let’s ask your Angels.

“The angels are always guiding in one direction. UP!”

-Felicia McQuaid

Receiving an Angel message may be a part of your miracle mindset session

Angel Party