An Upgrade for Your Mind

Upgrade Your Mind Illustration

Hello friends, do you ever feel this way. You are attempting to run a new program on your device of choice and it just won’t work? The computer spins, showing you the little circle just going around and around and nothing is happening. This can send me into a spin on the right day. The day when I need to get some work done and my mind is ready and clear. I sit down at this old PC of mine and nothing.

This was the start of this blog, I sat down to type this blog, the computer locked up and bam, 40minutes of my life wasted. I thought universe you are tricky, the irony of the experience meeting me in the moment of writing about the importance to upgrade and stay current. HA! Universe got me.

Touché’ Namaste’ Universe.

Now, I sit on my beautiful new Chromebook which is fresh with upgrades and does not carry the
memory of this past experience. She can access my memories (files) but does not carry them as her own, nor identify with the programs on my old PC. Ahhhhh, relief!

What if you and I can do this? I am here to tell you, “YES, YES, YES!”

ThetaHealing is a revolutionary healing modality which makes this possible. In a very specific
meditational technique it is possible to open up the field of the subconscious and check out what is going inside of OUR hard drives. What programs are being run in the form of emotion, memory, beliefs and past experiences that are no longer serving but in actuality slowing down the WHOLE thing. This modality makes permanent and long-lasting change possible. It is the upgrade to the old and doorway to the NEW.

It is impossible to run programs on a computer which doesn’t have the proper programs or is not
current. The same is true for you. Let’s take abundance for example. Don’t we all want to have enough money, time, energy and passion to take the world by storm? This is what abundance allows for. So, the real question is why is it not happening? You may be using your affirmations, working yourself day and night and yet....

In ThetaHealing the premise is this, maybe just maybe you don’t have the program of abundance. This means you may be carrying programs about lack, poverty, suffering, limitation or a multitude of others.

So abundant living and being doesn’t stand a chance. This can be shifted. Through a process called “DIGGING” in a session or class we dive deep in to the subconscious and re-program from within. Downloading, abundance as a belief, feeling and possibility. Hold on after that, for this is where you see life truly shift.

Would you like to know, you can receive these now with a simple yes!
Creators, definition, understanding and perspective of abundance?

It is safe to be abundant.
It is safe to welcome abundance.
You deserve and are worthy of abundance.

You can live daily life without lack and fatigue.
You are meant to live abundantly.

These may be the type of programs you are missing or don’t understand. Can you see the problem? I do!

I thank my old PC this morning for teaching me the lesson of upgrade. I hear you old girl, either retire her or upgrade. I can’t fault it for doing what it knows. Right?

So, join me this month, in the upgrade. Come and see me! One on one or TAKE The class! It will change everything. I can speak to this easily!


Come and see me!
It will change everything.