Scholarship Application

I believe in giving back and know sometimes you just need a little assistance to reach your dreams. I offer a scholarship program or payment plans to make this possible to my Basic & Advanced DNA courses. I do believe that there should be an exchange of energy and may require a smaller fee. The scholarship fee does not include the deposit of $100 for the course.

Each application is considered carefully and you will be contacted prior to the course start date. The scholarship amount can only be applied for the upcoming course. 1 application per student.

If Awarded a Scholarship:

  • A non-refundable $100 deposit fee is due at the time the scholarship is awarded.

  • Those that receive partial or full scholarships are expected to donate personal time in helping with setting up in the morning before class and help with cleaning up after the end of class each day.

  • Scholarship individuals are responsible for their travel, accommodations and food.

Please respond to all questions.