I first met Felicia through a Theta Healing session with her. It left quite an impression on me and, dare I say, changed my life forever. I've had other healings and readings from various people across the country, but my experience with Felicia was different. She is an incredible channel and will help to uncover parts of yourself that you didn't know existed. The session with her was powerful, yet subtle, and had lasting benefits. Being a practicing healer myself, I was inspired by what she does and decided to take her intro course to Theta Healing. Here are my thoughts after taking the class:

The Basic DNA Theta Healing class provided techniques to heal, expand awareness, and transform the physical and energy bodies. These techniques are wonderful to use by themselves, or can be incorporated into my other practices. The effects of Theta Healing are tangible - you will feel a difference before, during, and after the class. As you continue to practice, it will continue to transform your life. It is truly incredible! Since taking the class, my intuition has greatly expanded, clarity is abundant, manifestations happen quickly, and my physical body has healed and is still healing ailments that came from conditioned beliefs and patterned thinking. 

Felicia is extremely talented and such an inspiration. She is attentive to each student and facilitates the group so that everyone is connected, healing, and expanding together. The class is fun, transformative, and will give you tools that you can use for the rest of your life. I am very grateful for Felicia and the experience in her class, I highly recommend it!

C. Hall