9 Signs from the Angels

Do you ever feel a presence, or something shows up just when you need it? This may be your Angels saying, “Hello, I am here.”

Our Angels are hard at work for us and with us. Trust in them and you will receive more signs. They are here to help us all in our life's path.

feather on a tree stump

“Feathers appear when Angels are near.”​

One morning my daughter and I are taking a walk at the park. She was distressed that morning about something, it was actually a very beautiful morning, yet she was stuck in a negative frame of mind. No matter what I said it did not seem to help. In that moment we just began to walk in silence and I silently asked the Angel Jophiel for guidance. Then, as if out of thin air, a feather landed in front of us. I knew it was the angel of beauty, speaking to Rachel. She also noticed the Feather fall and picked it up and from that moment she changed somehow. She opened to the day and we talked about how sometimes all we must do is ask our Angels for help. Angels are always with us, all we must do is notice.

Welcome the Angels to be with you today and watch the signs,


Some signs of the Angels:

 Temperature Change 

You may feel a sudden rush of warm air or a warm glow surrounding you. You may also get goose bumps or tingling at the back of your neck or head.


Fragrance may appear out of nowhere. It may be an unusual aroma that you have never smelt before, and you will probably not be able to identify it.


Looking to the sky. Your awareness may be drawn to look to the clouds. The clouds may appear as Angels.


Lights may appear from nowhere. You may see shafts of light streaming down or shooting across the room or you may catch glimpses or sparks of light or notice shadows


You may hear angelic voices trying to communicate to you. You may hear a song in your head, or even on the radio.


They may suddenly appear in the most unlikely and unexpected of places. This is a sure sign that the angels are with you!


Angels may appear to you in your dream state with a solution to a problem. By the morning, you will feel more positive and clearer about which direction to take.


You may feel as if there is someone in the room with you. As if someone has just brushed past you or you may experience the sensation that a presence is standing behind you perhaps placing a gentle hand on your shoulders.


Often the angels will make their presence obvious. A common experience is when you are in a bookshop or a library perhaps unconsciously looking for guidance and suddenly a book will fly off a shelf and drop at your feet.