4 Steps to Master Anything

Become the Master

The master is the master because he has failed so many times.

Seriously, the path to mastery is attempting things and refining actions. The master did not become the master by falling into self-doubt and down playing their actions. The master is so dedicated to himself he keeps showing up, putting in the time and effort towards the goal.

For me, the goal is always to get to know more and more who we really are. In reality, to master anything external, one must master themselves.

Master your ability to ___________ (insert goal) by refining daily actions. Waking up every day and letting go of the day before and bringing your whole heart and spirit to the actions of the moment. Within each of us is a wealth of knowledge available and also a connection to the ultimate source of knowledge. The master knows how to tune in and access this wisdom. Wisdom is experiential it is personally known. How do you build wisdom?

The ego will tell you lies. It will say you Failed, let it go. You’ll never get there. Call the bluff, right now. Engage the master within you, take charge of such ridiculous conversations and thoughts.

“Stop playing small, you are the universe in motion.”

The Ego thinks short term, it is conditioned based. The ego is one thing for sure. LAZY! It wants things to happen over night. Do you know the average years it takes for overnight success? 10 years!

Do you think in 10 years a person never fails which is really nothing more than...


This acronym was/is a lifesaver for me. I struggled for years with an inner perfectionist. She wanted everything to be perfect and man she could show up in many forms. The toddler throwing a fit when she didn’t get her way. The stubborn teenager who already knows everything so why learn or listen. The victim who felt like the universe was never on my side. What I have come to know through self-development/mastery was all of these were just the egos subtle play of procrastination and limitations. I had to call its bluff. Get up brush off those mentalities and begin a new!

So, what are you attempting to create in your life?

What are your goals? 

I can tell you this, to master anything it is going to take some good ole discipline and another ingredient...

Here are 4 Steps to Becoming a Master:

1. Watch

If you want to learn how to do something, you need a teacher. Whether it’s a formal education or a mentor, you need somebody to show you how it’s done first.

As Pablo Picasso said, “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Questions are a very good thing at this early stage in the mastery game. So is constant exposure to what you’re trying to master.

People trying to learn a new language have to learn the basics of sentence structure, tenses and building blocks or words, sounds and letters before they can start trying to speak. Builders have to apprentice; business leaders need to first intern and so on. If you want to learn how to do it, you will need to find a great teacher to show you.

2. Do

With the tools of observation and a steady, constant exposure to the skill you desire to obtain, the next step is to try it on your own with your mentor or teacher as a guide.

If you’re a builder, draw up your first framework for inspection. If you’re a leader, take charge of a project or task.

This step is crucial. No language was ever learned without speaking. No success was ever built without risk and the willingness to fail. Failure does not mean defeat unless you stop trying, and it’s in this crucial “do” stage of mastery that you must muster all your courage and be willing to stumble, fall and fail, only to stand up and try again with your mentor or teacher’s help.

Mastery comes from failing, risk and being willing to be taught as you continue to try and learn how to do it better, faster and simpler. Until that one day when you "get it."

3. Teach

Just when you believe you’ve achieved mastery, there’s one more step. In my experience this is where so many who are close to mastery lose their footing and end up falling behind.

If you truly are good enough at your desired skill to be trusted to perform the task at hand, it’s time for you to cement your mastery by teaching. If you ever want to see how smart you really are, try to teach someone else.

Teaching ends up really teaching yourself. It teaches you adaptability, patience and to see problems and solutions in totally new ways because your students and mentees will undoubtedly ask you some questions you don’t know the answers to at first.

How can that be? You are the master of this skill, after all? Suddenly you realize we all have to keep learning and adapting to achieve mastery on an ongoing basis. Teaching is the crucial third step that will ensure you achieve and maintain mastery.

4. JOY!

When you work from joy, the master of you will learn to celebrate every step and see it as a step forward. Many of us are ascended masters who decided to give this human thing a try. So, what if you have everything you need? What if you knew you could at any moment tap into the wealth of knowledge in you? All the experiences you have been there are your personal antidotes, your personal database of wisdom.

There is no “failure”. Refine your approach, do it differently and learn something new. Start today, what can you do to master yourself? Meditate and master the mind. Exercise, practice yoga and master the body. Breath and master your energy. Today could be the day of breakthrough.

Are You Ready?

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