13 Ways to Increase Good Vibes

Greetings everyone! Working in the field of energy gives me direct knowledge of the importance of “Good Vibes”. When our energy is consciously raised good thoughts are easier to have, health is obtained, motivation is readily available and you can become unstoppable. I am sharing with you a few Good Vibe practices for daily living

Good Vibe Practices

01 Meditate

Do this before you start your day. Morning is a great time to set your mind straight. Meditation allows you to arise and align to what kind of do you choose to have. Create a mind of peace. Free your mind from worries. Breathe deeply, pray and set your intentions. Even just 10 minutes raises your vibes and clears your mind before starting your day. If you need help with meditation, try some of my recordings here.

02 Limit Exposure to Technology

Have you ever experienced that you were sleepy already but you can’t stop yourself from scrolling your Facebook newsfeed, or texting? I have experienced that many times. It is because too much exposure to gadgets makes our minds restless. The light emitted from screens interferes our sleep cycle in the brain, which often leads to insomnia. In addition, gadgets emit unseen electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that negatively affect our spiritual life force. If you’re already working and facing the computer all day, give yourself a break. Do not use your phone two to three hours before you sleep.

03 Bathe

Cleansing is a great way to wash off your stress and other negative energy you acquired throughout the day. Add some Epsom salts, crystals and essential oils to complete the experience!

04 Spend Time with Positive People

Be selective of the people you should be with. Be with people who make you laugh and smile genuinely. Be with people who accept who you really are. Be with people who make the best out of you. Be with people who have a positive outlook in all aspects of their lives. If you’re with the right people, your vibrational frequency elevates. If the social circle you are with right now makes you feel suppressed, depressed, and miserable, it’s time to switch off! You’re with the wrong people.

05 Move Your Body

Doing physical exercise or other activities can help you divert your focus from negative things. Thus, elevating your vibration. Go out and move your body in nature. Nature has the highest vibration and to connect with it would definitely make your own vibration high.

06 Organize Your Environment

Your physical environment mirrors your state of mind. Therefore, if you’re living or working in a chaotic place that means your mind is in chaos too. Remember that a cluttered place is both a symptom and a source of stress. Tidy-up your place to make you feel and think better.

07 Serve Others

There’s nothing more fulfilling than serving and helping others. Being kind, helpful and giving shifts your thinking that you don’t have enough. Thus, when you feel that you are abundant, empowered, and compassionate, your vibration elevates.

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08 Clean Up Your Diet

There is this saying, “You are what you eat.” Be conscious of the food you eat for some food vibrate at a high frequency while some are not. Foods that are made of preservatives, covered with chemicals and sealed in plastic containers or packaging usually vibrate at a low frequency or don’t even vibrate at all.

09 Refrain from Reading or Watching the News

There are always bad news and seldom good news when you watch TV, read a newspaper, listen to the radio, or browse online. The mainstream media earn a large profit by presenting news about poverty and violence to the masses. This bad news often stress us out even if we actually feel okay. Be aware of what you listen to, watch or read because it affects your outlook in life. I believe that doing news detox will help you a lot to make you feel relaxed and your mind peaceful.

10 Practice Gratitude

Among all the ways, I think this is the best way that works for me. Practicing gratitude shifts your focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t have. It shifts your focus on the good things rather than the bad things that happened to you. Being genuinely thankful about everything sends a message to the universe that you’re ready to receive more blessings in life.

11 Fill Your Mind with Loving Thoughts

Find an affirmation to re-center your mind in love. Affirmations are great ways to shift the conversation in your head. One I love is, “All is well in my world.”

12 Connect with Nature

Nature offers you the ability to get some fresh into your life. Trees are an abundant source of oxygen and just by spending time outside you are able to ground and breathe deeply. Your body and mind will love you for it.

13 Treat Yourself with Self Care

Reiki is a great way to balance the chakras and pour love into you in a dynamic way. When you learn Reiki you can do this for yourself and learning Reiki will teach all about “Good vibes.” Learn more about Reiki here

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Enjoy your month, I hope to see you soon!