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Felicia is a Teacher, Mentor, Healer and Spiritual Guide on your path to discovery. Miracles are built into the fabric of the universe, it is time to rise and claim your life, your power, your dreams, YOUR Miracles.

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Discussions on Angels

Join Felicia in this 4 part series as she is interviewed by Ashley Singleton of the Lemon Water Wellness podcast to discuss Archangels and the role they can play in our lives.

The Body Sings. What is Your Song?

Most of us do not realize that the systems of our bodies have a song. When you look into a Body each single cell sings a song of harmony with the rest of the body. When there is a disease or disorder this cell doesn’t sing its truth and sends wrong signals to the rest of the cells.

As an Energy medicine specialist and certified medical intuitive in ThetaHealing, Felicia McQuaid has the ability to tap into the body and discern what is out of harmony.

“I act as a human MRI and Spiritual Life coach to help Dis-create patterns of Dis-Harmony. I have the ability to listen and discern what is out of harmony. Through this process, we choose the new reality we are Capable of creating. I hear the whispers of the soul, calling to be free.”

Harmony is a key principle for the systems of the body to function properly and in optimal health. It is important to realize that all diseases and disorders that are present are an indication that there are likely to be mental, emotional or spiritual components that may be factors in the healing process. Harmony needs to be restored.

Optimal: The most favorable outcome and desire you want to achieve. 

Optimal Health Protocols

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cancer Support
  • Chronic Pain
  • Forgivenessment
  • New Career Path
  • Shift and Remove Blocks
  • Create Your Best Life

Take Your Wellness Practice to the Next Level

When you commit to healing a great sense of purpose is awakened deep inside of you.

It is time to embrace the healing available to you and embrace the healer within you.

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What Students Are Saying...

"ThetaHealing™: Basic DNA, taught by Felicia McQuaid, was an intensive 3-day immersion experience that was fun, insightful, healing, and thought provoking.  The level of enthusiasm, joy, and knowledge that Felicia brought to the class was infectious.  As a new practitioner initiate with little knowledge of the practice of ThetaHealing™, I was not sure what to expect. 

Felicia provided the concepts in an easy to understand manner, shared personal experiences, provided hands on exercises, and engaged the class with real world applications.  The applications for self-healing, healing others, manifesting your desires, and coaching using ThetaHealing™ are endless.   If you are looking for an experience to expand your mind, body, and spirit on a personal level or an additional modality to expand your coaching or integrated energy work, this is it!   Felicia will welcome you with an open and joyful heart.."

Melissa L. Strawser